Ontology Summit 2015 : Internet of Things: Toward Smart Networked Systems and Societies

13 April 2015 08:00

Ontologies will play a significant role in the realization of smart networked systems and societies. For example, a considerable amount of data passes through the network and should be converted into higher abstractions that can be used in appropriate reasoning. This requires the development of standard terminologies which capture objects and events. Creating and testing such terminologies will aid in effective recognition and reaction in a network-centric situation awareness environment. This would involve identifying a methodology for development of terminologies for multimodal data (or ontologies), developing appropriate ontologies, developing testing methods for these ontologies, demonstrating interoperability for selected domains (e.g., healthcare, situational awareness), and using these ontologies in decision making.
Similar to our last nine summits, this OntologySummit will comprise of three months of virtual discourse (over our archived mailing lists) and virtual panel sessions (over augmented conference calls), and culminate in a 2-day face-to-face workshop/symposium held on April 13 & 14, 2015 (Mon & Tue) at NCO_NITRD (Arlington, Virginia, USA) during which we, among other things, present our distilled thoughts in a collaboratively developed communique.
More details about the event can be found at: http://ontolog-02.cim3.net/wiki/OntologySummit2015