Open Source and the Internet of Things

24 March 2014 21:30

9th Annual Open Source Think Tank March 24th – 26th in Calistoga, CA 
The Open Source Think Tank is an invitation-only conference for 120 CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, legal experts, investors and other senior executives engaged in open source software. The event is structured as a “think tank” and is different than other typical industry conferences. It has been specifically designed to facilitate thought provoking discussions and to challenge the attendee‘s perceptions through interaction with all elements of the ecosystem. Central to each Think Tank is a real-world business case study that focuses the discussions on developing practical recommendations to specific challenges. This year’s case study is Open Source and the Internet of Things. 
The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as the next important trend in the technology industry. IoT will impact many industries, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, industrial control, energy, healthcare, automotive – even enterprise IT. Creating an Internet of Things requires building blocks that foster interoperability to spur innovation, community and creativity.
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