The Rise of the Millennials – Emerging Disruptive Trends

21 November 2015 09:30

Possibly the biggest transformation of culture and commerce, the generation of Likes, Follows & Retweets are always connected, desiring attention, validation and gratification. The Millennials will consume, communicate, commerce, and collaborate in ways that we cannot imagine. Businesses need to transform themselves to stay relevant – from digitization and connectedness of every “thing” to new business model in the sharing economy, from mobile healthcare to mobile wallets.

What are the key enabling technologies that are driving the change?

How do businesses stay relevant?

Where are the investment opportunities?

How different are the trends (and the Millennials) in China vs rest of the world?

How do entrepreneurs participate in this new reality?

The conference features several Internet of Things and Wearables panels and keynote talks, high-profile experts and internationally known speakers.

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