SOLVING THE IoT PUZZLE: Integrate Your Business Into The Emerging Megatrend Tickets

10 December 2015 08:30

IoT is in its infancy, and while some of the latest trends are thrilling, the potential is exponentially exciting. It’s not a matter of if, but when. The Internet of Things is actually going to change the human experience of daily life. Smart sensors and applications will re-enchant the world and create a kind of magical experience when we interface with our objects.

Will your company be there when it happens? Will it get full benefit of the amazing new technologies comprising the new wave of disruption?

SOLVING THE IoT PUZZLE Conference will help investors, entrepreneurs and executives address the following issues:

-How to stay relevant and grow business when disruption concerns your industry
-What IoT technologies and innovations you can take advantage of right now
-How to profit from the emerging trends in IoT technologies
-What does it take to turn IoT technology into a billion-dollar company

Who Should Attend the SOLVING THE IoT PUZZLE Conference?

-EXECUTIVES: Business Leaders and key decision-makers in industries ripe for IoT-caused disruption

-STARTUP FOUNDERS AND TEAMS: Creators of future IoT solutions, eager to learn if the market is ready for their products and ideas

-EXPERTS: Professionals in various fields supporting the IoT related business

-INVESTORS: VCs, angel investors and public market investors interested in learning about the most attractive sectors and the crucial success factors for choosing the IoT companies


-Network with leading IoT experts and business leaders

-Take advantage of new investment and partnership opportunities

-Gain new business insights from IoT adopters, developers and business experts

-Learn how and where the IoT industry is set to grow

-Make informed technology purchasing decisions

-Witness new product unveilings and cutting edge IoT solutions

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