SXSW: Home Smart Home: The Future Conscious Home

17 March 2016 12:30 - 17 March 2015 13:30

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Just a few years ago, the idea of a smart home was only a dream. High priced gadgets made smart devices accessible to only the wealthiest consumers and different protocol standards made it difficult to ensure devices worked together. But today the connected house is becoming a reality. Yet the full potential of this George Jetson style home is still to be realized. The conscious home is the home of the future. But how will we get there?

Today’s smart home industry is focused on solutions to unify devices through one experience or app. But the real smart home solution will be the conscious home-a home that will know your schedule, your wants and your needs. Imagine if your house knew what time you would arrive home from work and automatically turned on the thermostat, opened the garage door as you pulled into the driveway, unlocked the front door, began pre-heating the oven and turned on the lights and the TV to your favorite news program as you entered. This is the home of tomorrow.

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