SXSW: Network All the Things: What About Infrastructure?

13 March 2015 12:30 - 13 March 2015 13:30

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Designing sensors into new physical infrastructure – office and residential buildings, transportation, factories, power plants, harbors, etc. – or retrofitting sensors into existing physical infrastructure presents much different challenges than designing rapidly outdated, disposable wearables. Smart infrastructure has to function as intended for years or decades. Often peoples’ lives depend on smart infrastructure functioning properly. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) service delivery to smart infrastructure is a complex system-of-systems that behaves much differently than the Human Internet of Things (HIoT). Hear how different the IIoT is from HIoT, and why the short term opportunity for IIoT is so much greater than wearables and other solutions looking for a problem in the HIoT… for those who understand the infrastructure rules of the game.

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