SXSW: Rethinking Privacy in the Internet of Things

13 March 2015 16:00 - 13 March 2015 16:15

One of the hottest trends that will hit organizations in 2015 is the rise of the Internet of Things. With the mass boom in online profiles, companies will very soon be dealing with millions to billions of ID challenges and creating a need for Consumer Identity Management (CIM). Traditional Enterprise Identity Management software struggles to deal with more than 100,000 separate IDs. (Think about it…how many companies have more than 100,000 employees, so why should their ID management solutions operate at web scale?)
When you add new technology like the Internet of Things and the huge amount of device profiles and attributes created per sensor (like Hue lights or Nest thermostats), the number of data points and identities can reach the billions pretty quickly. This also brings security issues and usage problems to the forefront – and nobody is talking about this quite yet.

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