SXSW: Security of Things: Who Will Save Us?

13 March 2015 15:30 - 13 March 2015 16:30

Society is hurtling towards a world of hyper convenience and adaptive omniscience.

Two years ago, the “Internet of Things” was just beginning its rise as one of the most buzzed-about topics of the technology world. Now, smarthomes are a reality, our phones and wearable computers are the command line of our lives, and a slew of new, connected gadgets hit the marketplace every year (even toilets aren’t off limits).

A parallel shift is happening in the security world, as threats and attackers become more sophisticated, cyberespionage becomes a real-world concern, and a new data breach makes headlines practically each day.

As technology becomes increasingly personal and intrusive into our private lives, the consequences of security failures will be more severe. This talk will explain how we got here, where we’re heading, why the hacking community plays a pivotal role, and how to protect yourself when the lines between public and private blur.

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