Tech Experience Conference

30 October 2015 08:00

Tech Experience Conference has chosen Barcelona to celebrate the first edition of what is going to be the event of the year. In this event you will be learning the latest technologies to use in order to change the customer experience in your company. Likewise we will spread knowledge about Internet Of Things and Digital Marketing.

With #TECbcn you will benefit from the most advanced tech experience tips, get to know current strategies, listen to some of the biggest brands and the leading companies in technology.

Event highlights:

– Topic: Internet of things, technology and digital marketing – Date and Location: Antigua Fábrica Estrella Damm (Barcelona) on 30th October
– Target: CEOs of startups, mkt directors, big companies, influencers, media and press.
– Numb.assistants: 300pax.
– Speakers: Gurus from the tech industry coming from California, Germany and Spain.
– Startup pitch elevator: Is your startup destined to be the next Facebook or Uber? Tell your story at our Startup Pitch competition. You´ll get 5 minutes to pitch your product/service in front of angel investors.

More details about the event can be found at: