Telecoms Tech World

26 November 2013 00:00 - 27 November 2013 06:00

M2M Conference: The ability for inanimate objects to connect to the internet and share data on their state or the state of their environment is unleashing a new wave of opportunities for automation, data gathering and predictive analytics. But as with any ‘bleeding edge’ technology, a standardized platform is yet to emerge. The M2M track will be focusing on the fact that implementations carry the premium costs of customized projects, and the definite shape of the M2M business model remains undefined.
Telecoms Tech World brings together leading telco firms, service providers, equipment manufacturers and OTT players to promote closer working, encourage valuable connections and forge pioneering relationships across the sector.
Workshop tracks include:
  • Capacity Crunch
  • M2M World
  • OTT Strategy
  • Identity, billing and payments
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