The trend of IoT-enabled intelligent buildings is here to stay

23 March 2017 19:30 - 23 March 2017 20:00

Tech Nexus, (Conference Room C/D)20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL, 60606


Until now, commercial buildings have traditionally been controlled and monitored by monolithic, domain-specific systems. But now, the IoT has arrived in commercial buildings, and it is rapidly disrupting the space. Integration of standards-based wireless networks in low-cost sensors and controllers are providing building owners with much more granular data.

Powerful software platforms built on standard IT environments permit powerful analytics and visualizations to drive energy efficiency, comfort, and interactivity with the occupants. New applications merge digital identity with digital credentials, leverage facial recognition and video analytics in cameras at the edge, and aggregate space occupancy and utilization data from multiple streams, to make buildings more responsive and lower the carbon footprint. At this event, we will discuss our perspectives on IoT and how it will transform commercial buildings.


– Why we need intelligent buildings
– Traditional building system v/s IoT system
– Make your buildings smart through IoT and Big Data analytics
– Use cases of smart buildings
– Q & A session

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