TSensors Summit

9 December 2015 08:00 - 10 December 2015 17:00

Creating a TSensors-Based Abundant Future

In 2012 bestselling author Peter Diamandis, founder of XPrize Foundation and Singularity University, TED-X speaker and on the list of Fortune’s Top 50 World Leaders, co-wrote the book Abundance – The Future is Better than you Think. In this book Diamandis introduced the concept of Abundance, the utopian vision for a world with no hunger, medical care for all, no pollution and energy for all. Remarkably, Abundance is expected to come in just about 20 years, enabled mainly by eight exponential technologies producing goods and services on earth faster than the global demand. One of them are connected sensors.

Sensors are not only one of the exponential technologies, but also the enabler of multiple others. Forecasts for sensor demand are as high as 100 trillion by 2030 (up from 1 billion in 2007 and 10 billion in 2014). Abundance is expected to need 45 trillion connected nodes, most with dozens of sensor arrays.

Sensors are also a foundation for the biggest economic tides in human’s history: eHealth and Internet of Everything, forecasted (e.g., by Cisco and GE) to increase global economy by $18 to $32 trillion in the next 10 years (growth larger than the entire 2015 US economy). These economic tides significantly increase probability of Abundance coming true, simultaneously creating large number of exciting growth opportunities for existing academic, R&D and commercial organizations, as well as exponential startup organizations.

The unprecedented economic growth is expected to dramatically transform the global workforce, eliminating the majority of traditional jobs and replacing them with high tech jobs (already facing shortage in many areas, including Silicon Valley).

Many of the ultrahigh volume sensor-based application will demand new sensor types. The average historical commercialization cycle for new sensors had been about 30 years, longer than the expected arrival of Abundance. TSensors (Trillion Sensors) Initiative aims to significantly reduce this cycle. Early visibility of emerging ultrahigh volume applications supporting Abundance proposed by visionaries at TSensors Summits is expected to be a significant contributor to the reduction of the new sensors commercialization cycle.

The 2015 TSensors Summit will provide attendees important information for companies into the emerging future applications, enabling development of strategic marketing and technology plans for their organizations to ride the IoT and mHealth tides bringing Abundance closer to reality.

We are excited to bring you this event with the help of the state of Florida, which recently funded the 100,000 square-foot $300 million Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center and the new International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR), the world’s first industry-led smart-sensor consortium.

Target attendees are Government, academic, R&D and commercial organizations personnel interested in advanced visibility of emerging sensor-based opportunities affecting jobs and economic prosperity.

More details about the event can be found at: http://tsensorssummit.org/orlandosummittra.html