Ubiquitous Wireless Sensor Systems (UWSS 2015)

10 August 2015 09:00 - 14 August 2015 18:00

Call for Papers International Workshop
Ubiquitous Wireless Sensor Systems (UWSS 2015)
Beijing, August 10th-14th
Smart World Congress 2015

The recent advances of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) empowered by the continuous development of Internet technologies incorporated with the fourth and fifth generations of mobile telecoms standards for enabling ubiquitous access and cloud computing technologies provide a time-sensitive promising unique potential application paradigm for a new penetration of wireless sensing and actuating technologies.

Wireless-enabled smart systems as the front runner, being either deployed under the flagship of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) for large scale homogenous smart sensing or Wireless Sensor Systems (WSS) for small scale heterogeneous or stand alone intelligent sensors and smart actuators share many common grounds with the incoming IoT services where a smooth integration would benefit both industries. This sensitive integration, if designed optimally and managed upon clear objective strategies should result in surge of a new family of ubiquitous smart applications for the smart homes, smart cities, smart industries, smart environments, and smart global village without barriers of standards and crossover technological boundaries depressing deployment of our sensor-rich systems. In another words, under the new integrated technologies researchers and technocrats of sensor-driven smart technologies along-side with the service providers of the Internet, telecoms, private data networks, and the IoT should be looking for new rules and standards for the realisation of new developments in all three main expansion areas of Industry, Environment, and Society.

This Workshop brings a unique opportunity for researchers and technical investigators of intelligent sensing, IoT, and telecoms to share and exchange their valuable ideas for new integrated solutions in new emerging technologies for a new series of exciting, intelligent and smart applications using existing and forthcoming communication infrastructures. Upon a set of intensive Presentation and Discussion Sessions, the Workshop facilitates the following opportunities for its authors:

(a)    Publication of presented papers in the highly valued IEEE Conference Proceedings

(b)   Nomination for the best Workshop Prize Paper at the Conference (c)    Invitation to two Special Issues for IET-WSS and IEEE Sensors a Wireless Sensing

(c)   Invited for a Chapter Contribution to a Specialised Editorial Book – ‘Decisions to be made and announced at the Workshop‘


This Workshop welcomes contributions of fresh ideas, new analysis, new solutions, new results, and research challenges for innovative wirelessly connected, distributed, and complex sensor systems applicable to Ubiquitous Smart Wireless Sensor Systems from very small intelligent systems to very large and global scale networks. Papers are encouraged on, but not limited to, the smart sensing topics in the following areas:

·  Unstructured networking and relaying approach for ubiquitous adaptive access technologies
·  Adoption of intelligence and multi-agent systems for multi-robot applications
·  Integration of smart sensing and actuating with 5G technologies ·         Resilient architectures for smart and intelligent sensing ·         Scarce-resource management, energy harvesting, and ambient energy sources
·  Information fusion and sensing for intelligent devices, such as smart clothing and smart glasses
·  Development of autonomous and intelligent algorithms, systems, and devices for monitoring, safety, and surveillance
·  Development of intelligent systems and devices for smart homes, smart transportation, smart cities, and smart environments
·  Smart integrated approach to uses and applications of sensors, actuators, barcodes, and RFID with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) ·         Innovative smart, autonomous, and intelligent sensing and actuating applications
·  IoT integrated sensing applications for localization, smart living, smart transportation
·  Integration and use of power-line communications for smart home services and infrastructural developments

Interested authors should submit a PDF of their Workshop Papers, up to Six (6) Pages each using the IEEE-CS Style at: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=uwss2015

More details about the event can be found at:http://www.cybermatics.org/SWC2015/Workshops/UWSS15v06.htm