The Wearable Future: Challenges and Opportunities

16 June 2015 19:00

Wearables are the next big thing. They will dramatically alter the landscape of society and business as we know it. Yet, despite the seemingly limitless opportunity of this emergent technology space, wearable devices have not yet kicked off with mainstream users and are limited mostly to early adopters, while businesses and technologists are struggling to make sense of it. About 20% of American adults own a wearable device, but issues such as price, privacy, security, lack of actionable data, and inconsistent data from such devices continue to thwart greater adoption. One-third of American consumers who have owned a wearable product stopped using it within six months, half of those with an activity tracker no longer use it. What makes creating successful wearable products so difficult? How to keep users attached? What about health risks to the people wearing devices? How to address the security & privacy concerns? What’s the general trend for incorporating the wearable devices into IoT ecosystem?

Our speakers will provide an overview of the current wearable landscape and their insights from the above perspectives.

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