Webinar: Securing the Internet of Things: An Impossible Task?

18 March 2015 11:00

Join Ayla’s Chief Technology Officer, Adrian Caceres, Mike Krell, Analyst with Moor Insight & Strategy, and Nolan Mondrow, President of LockState in a panel discussion covering what security really means in IoT and how to successfully architect a secure connected product. 
What attendees will learn: 
  • Latest security trends and vulnerabilities
  • Future security concerns
  • How much security you really need
  • How you know when you’re done developing a secure product
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions of securing connected devices
Who should attend: 
  • Device Manufacturers
  • Service Providers
  • Any one interested in what it really means to have a “secure” IoT device
To learn more details and attend the Webinar please register here.