How News UK ensures its content provokes emotion – whether that’s intrigue, tears or laughter.


For content provider News UK social media has had a huge impact on what and how and what it produces for its readers. The shift in its business has seen big changes as consumers become publishers in their own right – so is it change without risk? We interviewed News UK’s creative content director Tiffanie Darke to find out more. Having worked on The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Express and The Observer her journalism background is extensive. In her latest role she heads up the new Native Advertising Unit for News UK, covering The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun.

1) What are the most important elements of great, shareable content – what do you look for?

“Great shareable content needs to be original, and either funny/moving or informative.”


2) How should businesses ensure their content stands out from the rest?

“To stand out, businesses should try and produce content that tells their audience something they don’t know already or make them laugh or cry.”

3) As a journalist you have witnessed the move from professional writers producing content to now anyone being able to do so. In this new, freer world what controls should businesses put in place to ensure quality control of content produced under their name?

“Businesses can’t control what people are saying about them but they can define who they are and what they stand for through paid, earned and owned media. How influential they are in this project is determined by how others go on and speak about them.”


4) Is there a danger of enabling consumers to also be publishers in today’s world – how can brands or brand owners retain an element of control?

“There’s always an element of danger when you encourage people to talk about your brand but you can’t and shouldn’t attempt to stop consumers or anyone else talking about your business. What you can and should be doing is producing your own content that defines your business. If that content is original, useful or entertaining then you will ensure better success.”


5) What do you feel is the biggest challenge currently facing your business in the world of social media or the biggest issue you see the industry facing as a whole?

“At News UK, we see the rise of social media as an opportunity rather than a challenge as it can drive traffic, brings in new readers and influences opinion formers.”

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