Improve Your Brand Awareness with Guest Blogging

By Nico Jacquart, Director, Digital Blighty

No matter what your business, you can use guest blogging to build brand awareness and grow your customer base. Guest blogging provides a way for you to reach readers through an established platform. A guest blog post is one made by someone other than the blog’s primary owner or writer; guest blogs are used by other bloggers or professionals in the field to provide in-depth information to the blog readers.

By using another person’s blog as a way to communicate with potential clients, you can increase your own credibility and drive more traffic to both the blog and your own business. Guest blogging is a win-win situation for everyone, so you should try this form of marketing if you haven’t already.

Here are a few tips for using guest blogging to build your brand awareness:

Choose a high-quality blog. You want to be sure that you’re guest-blogging for a blog that gets plenty of traffic and is well-respected in your field. Otherwise, your blog will not reach a wide audience and you may even damage your credibility if you write for a blog that is not well-known or respected in the industry. You can check the blog’s page rank to see how popular it is. Also be sure to read a few posts there to get an idea of its usual subject matter before you agree to write a post.

Follow the blogger’s guidelines. You want your guest post to blend in with the site enough that readers will welcome the new addition. Be sure to check with the blog owner to see if there are stylistic requirements or any specific rules you should follow when crafting your content.

Write high-quality content. Be sure to write a post that’s creative and engaging. Include relevant text links and images where applicable. The more informative and interactive your post, the more readers will get out of it; this makes them more likely to share your information and remember your brand later.

Personalize your article. A key part of branding is representing your company in a memorable light. By allowing your personality to shine through in your blog post, you will help readers understand what your business is about. This will make you more approachable and help keep your company in the forefront of reader’s minds when the time comes to use your services.

Provide contextual links. Links embedded in the content of your post will be more meaningful to search engines, and if used wisely they can help drive traffic back to your own site.

If your post is good and thought-provoking, readers will want to comment and share the link with others. Always promote this sort of activity. Readers who interact with your post are most likely to pass your information along to friends and family or link to your page through social bookmarking sites. This will create viral marketing, which is the ultimate goal of guest blogging.

Also be sure to develop and maintain a positive relationship with the blog owner. If your post generates valuable new traffic, you are doing the blogger a favor. You may be able to do more guest posts in the future that can help to drive traffic to both the blog and your own company’s site.


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