INFLUENCER OUTREACH PART TWO – Blue Chip Holidays with Mother’s Always Right and Not Another Mummy Blog

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This month we launched our new series looking at examples of influencer outreach projects, with a look at a project between Slummy Single Mummy and Direct Line for Business. This week we’re talking travel, with a partnership between Blue Chip Holidays and two fantastic parent bloggers; Mother’s Always Right, written by Molly Forbes, and Not Another Mummy Blog, by Alison Perry.

The clever thing about this project is that it brings together two well known bloggers to create a project bigger than the sum of its parts. Blue Chip could have decided to send two individual bloggers off on separate holidays, and that would have been great, but by bringing them together for a joint family holiday, they cleverly amplified the reach of the project. Rather than working in isolation, Molly and Alison were able to share each other’s blog and social media content, both during and after their stay, thus extending their readership.

We spoke to Molly about how the project worked:

“The trip was arranged through Alison’s initial PR contact” explained Molly, “as she’d worked with Hannah at Perowne Charles Communications, (PCC – who rep Blue Chip), before on various other travel projects. We spent four nights in a lovely property called The Hermitage on the Isle of Wight, reviewing Blue Chip’s new concierge service called The Blue Chip Experience.”

“While we were there, both Alison and I were Instagramming and Tweeting about the trip, so there was engagement and coverage across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during our stay.”

Don’t mind us, we’re just casually sipping an early G&T. Holiday rules. #bluechipholidays #bluechipexperience

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“When we came home we both each posted a review on our blogs, (you can read them here and here), made YouTube videos of our trips and continued to talk about the trip across social media. I also created two extra YouTube videos for my other channel, (an interiors site with a slant on family living), Roost TV, as well as doing a house tour of the property on Roost.”

“For me as a blogger,” said Molly, “I felt like the brand really appreciated my work and it gave me an experience with my family and friends I might not otherwise have had. I felt valued and we were treated just as well as if we were on a press trip for a for a magazine. (Incidentally, both Alison and I do write for magazines, although this was a blogger trip not a journalist one). As a blogger, I feel this was a PR agency who really understand the value of bloggers and creating good blogger / brand relationships.”

This approach paid off for PCC and Blue Chip Holidays, as it meant that Alison and Molly over delivered on what was expected of them, leaving everybody happy.

“When the trip was organised there was an understanding we’d be writing about it, obviously,” explained Molly, “but the videos and the Roost coverage and all the Instagram and Twitter coverage was an extra that both me and Alison were happy to provide because we wanted to go above and beyond what was asked of us. This is because we liked the brand, and also because I think we’re both pretty diligent bloggers!”

Paul Charles, Founder and CEO of PCC, agrees:

“Working with bloggers is a fantastic way of helping to build brands,” he said, “which is why we organised for Molly and Alison  – who are highly influential in their sphere – to review one of Blue Chip Holidays’ properties. The coverage achieved over their press stay went far beyond the final review and included social media posts across numerous platforms before, during and after the trip, which reached a highly targeted audience.”




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