Monetizing social games & virtual currency panel, starting to take shape!

Kyle (Young Eul) Kim, Head of Open Platform/Director for SK Communications – Cyworld has just confirmed that he will taking part in the social gaming panel at this year’s SMWF in Singapore.

The panel will be addressing the Asian online gaming market and how these games can be monetized.  Kyle will be sharing his experience of  the  NATE/Cyworld open platform that he is currently working on.

The panel will be taking place on the afternoon of the first day at 1630 and will cover the points below:

1630    Panel: Monetizing social games & virtual currency

  • The world online gaming market / the Asian online gaming market : specificities & similarities
  • What is the market for virtual goods and services?
  • Challenges of monetizing games – delivering revenues from virtual currency
  • What opportunities exist for brands within social gaming?
  • The importance of engagement and personalization – understanding users motivations

Since working for Cyworld Kyle has played a significant part in developing Cyworld as a more social platform and is very interested in Social Media, Social Networking, product management and collaboration.

If you would like to be considered as a speaker at this year’s SMWF Asia, check out our speaker submissions guidelines here