New #SheInspiresMe campaign launch – how do charities stand out in a crowded social media marketplace?

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In 2014 we tipped buckets of ice cold water over our heads, in 2015 we saved animals from extinction with an #EndangeredEmoji, and starting today, January 29 2016, Women for Women International are asking us to take to social media to ‘join the sisterhood’ and support women everywhere who are affected by the horrors of war.

The campaign, #SheInspiresMe, launches with a special film, highlighting the impact on women of the numerous, brutal conflicts happening worldwide, right now. There’s no doubt that it’s a powerful message, but how do charities ensure their social media campaigns represent value for money in a crowded marketplace? How do you get your voice heard?


As well as looking for people to share the film, Women to Women International are asking their social media supporters to use the #SheInspiresMe hashtag to showcase the women that inspire them personally. This personal element is going to be key to the campaign’s success – making people think about the women in their own lives builds an emotional connection to women in other parts of the world.

#SheInspiresMe is the first online brand marketing campaign from Women to Women International, so we spoke to Ella Jolly, Campaign Manager for #SheInspiresMe, to find out why they’ve turned to social media and how they measure ROI.

“Smaller charities like Women for Women International UK are often working with smaller budgets,” explains Ella, “and it’s so vital that every penny we spend helps us to achieve our goals. Digital marketing and social media are cost effective ways of reaching a large audience. Our most loyal supporters love to advocate on behalf of our cause, and will share our content online with their networks which helps us to reach even more people.”

OK, so we’re sold on the theory, but how do you go about tracking results?

“When it comes to digital and social,” explains Ellas, “we can measure and track impressions, engagements, click throughs and ultimately conversions, and our digital presence can amplify the value and reach of the overall campaign. For example, quickly sharing a story on Facebook can reach thousands of people in a few minutes.”

This organic amplification is the lifeblood of charities, and is why social media can be such a valuable tool. Supporters are already online and they’re already passionate about the cause – all a charity needs to do essentially is create a sharable message that resonates with that audience.

“We have an incredibly important, powerful and unique cause helping women in the world’s darkest places to have hope,” says Ella. “The real life stories we hear are so compelling, so moving, so inspiring; and the injustices that women in war-torn countries face are so outrageous, that we find that sharing them in an authentic way captures people’s attention, and ultimately inspires them to take action.”

If you’d like to find out more about this incredible campaign, please visit Women For Women’s website


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