Nielsen partners with SMWF Asia covering social media usage in Asia

Social media usage has seen unprecedented growth in Asia Pacific in the past year and is now one of the most critical trends in the online sector, according to Nielsen’s recent Asia Pacific Social Media Report.

Some of the Reports facts & highlights  include;

  • Seven biggest global online brands are social media sites (Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube)
  • Almost three quarters of the world’s Internet population (74%) have visited a social networking/blogging site.
  • Internet users are spending an average of almost six hours per month on social media sites.
  • Across Asia Pacific, the most common access location for engaging with Social Media is in the workplace
  • Online product reviews are the third most trusted source when making a purchase decision
  • Japan is second to none with blogs
  • Social Media trends in India
  • Australian Social Media trends
  • Social media is having an increasing impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions – in Asia Pacific, online product reviews are the third most trusted source of information when making purchase decisions, behind family and friends.

For a more in-depth look into some of the latest researching and findings from Nielsen you can watch Kerry Brown, Commercial Director from Nielsen sharing some of their findings at the Social Media World Forum Singapore later next month.